What time does the Digitox Challenge start?

Get ready to begin your challenge at 9 am on Sunday, August 12. For more tips on how to prepare, make sure you read your fundraising kit!

How do I start raising money?

Firstly, make sure you register! You can set up a personal online fundraising page to ask for and track your donations. Remember to share your page on social media so your friends and family know about your challenge and support you!

The first step to a successful fundraiser is to ask. We know it can be a little awkward to ask for money but you’d be surprised by how many people are willing to support your efforts for a good cause! Refer to your Digitox fundraising kit and check out the tips we have for you to make your fundraising a success!

What are the Digitox Challenge rules?

There’s only one big one: to ditch all things digital.

Have a read through the event Terms and Conditions for a few additional rules, like making sure you have permission from a parent/guardian to participate if you’re under 15.

What is classified as digital?

This includes your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, television and music players (e.g. iPod).

Where does the money I raise go?

All the funds you raise will go towards Youth Futures and will make a difference to the lives of young West Australians experiencing homelessness.

For more information on how your fundraising dollars will be put to work, check out the infographic in your Digitox fundraising kit.

I can’t Digitox on August 12. Is there another day I can do the challenge?

Of course! We understand that you may already have stuff planned for the official day that will stop you from fully living the Digitox experience. You are welcome to nominate any other day in August to complete the challenge.

Can I organise a fundraiser?

Sure you can, just promise us that you’ll have lots of fun! Fundraisers are supposed to be a really fun way to promote your cause and let everyone know that you’re doing the Digitox Challenge! Get creative and hold something that you’re passionate about, it can be a bake sale, art auction or movie screening- the possibilities are endless!

What if I receive cash and other non-card donations?

The recommended and easiest method for collecting donations is online via your individual fundraising page which accepts Paypal and credit card payments. This helps reduce administration costs for Youth Futures and means your donors will receive and automatic tax-deductible receipt via email.

If you do collect cash donations, be sure to ask your sponsors to complete the donation form included in your fundraising kit. After collecting the cash donations, you can transfer the money to us via bank transfer. Our bank account details can be found in your fundraising kit. Be sure to let your supporters know that it may take a while for them to receive their tax receipt if making a cash donation.

Please note, offline donations won’t show on your online fundraising tally.

When is the last day I can sign up for the Digitox Challenge?

Registrations will be open until midnight August 11. However, it is recommended that you sign up early so you have plenty of time to raise funds and awareness for youth homelessness.

Got another question?

Get in touch via our Contact Form or give the fundraising team a call on 08 9300 2677.